The 10 Best Maternity Leggings

Pregnancy 2023-03-06

Looking lanugo on woman's pregnant vitals and wearing maternity leggings.

It’s the saving grace of maternity wear: the legging. They are truly a staple of any woman’s wardrobe. But when you have officially outgrown your favorite non-maternity pair of archetype woebegone leggings, it’s time to move on to a new version made specifically to fit your new victual bump. Maternity leggings are designed to unbend your growing bump. They can moreover be worn postpartum as your soul continues to change.

There are so many choices to sort through when shopping that it can be daunting to know which pairs are the best. We considered function, quality, and repletion when looking for the weightier maternity leggings. You can be confident when shopping that these are the weightier of the best. From unstudied and sturdy to sleek, trendy, and supportive, this top-10 list covers them all.

10. Zella Live In Maternity Crop Leggings

Woman in woebegone cropped maternity leggings
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WHY YOU NEED IT: Zella’s leggings are spanking-new quality for the price, and they offer this mid-belly fit for uneaten support and comfort.

WHAT IT DOES: The supportive panel expands as your tumor grows. The cropped legging diamond is perfect for working out or wearing while out and about.

WHAT BUYERS SAID: “I have been searching upper and low for a pair of maternity leggings that are of good quality and versatile unbearable for lounging or working out in. Turns out these Zella Live In Maternity Crop Leggings were the answer! I love them so much I now have two pairs of this word-for-word style in wing to a pair of the camo ones.”

  • Supportive panel
  • Over-the-belly waistband

9. Kindred Bravely Louisa Ultra High-Waisted Over-the-Bump Maternity Leggings

Woman in undecorous maternity leggings
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WHY YOU NEED IT: Worried well-nigh the see-through factor? Snatch up this opaque pair, and you’ll have nothing to fear.

WHAT IT DOES: The upper waist gently smooths over your natural curves to provide your tumor with uneaten support.

WHAT BUYERS SAID: “These are wondrous and so soft!!! They fit perfectly as expected, and the upper waist is so comfortable! I would say they’re well worth the money!”

  • Available in other colors
  • Fold over waistband

8. Spanx EcoCare Mama Seamless Leggings

Woman in woebegone maternity leggings with white shirt and denim jacket
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WHY YOU NEED IT: Support your mama tumor and mother earth with this pair. The Sensil EcoCare recycled yarn lessens the impact on our world by conserving resources.

WHAT IT DOES: Thanks to the brand’s Magic Mama waistband, these can be worn before, during, and without pregnancy. They full-length an over-the-bump waistband for supporting your belly.

WHAT BUYERS SAID: “These leggings definitely requite you shape and hug in all the right places making your legs squint seamless while giving your vitals unbearable room to grow and be comfortable.”

  • Four-way stretch
  • Center-seam self-ruling for no camel toe

7. Storq Signature Leggings

Woman in woebegone maternity leggings with printed shirt and white sawed-off down
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WHY YOU NEED IT: Made with a soft stretch jersey and a wide waistband, these maternity leggings are weightier for comfortably lounging virtually your home.

WHAT IT DOES: These leggings are cozy and soft. They hug your curves without strangling them and are C-section friendly.

WHAT BUYERS SAID: “Do these have magic sewn in? Weightier pregnancy purchase so far!”

  • Ultra-soft modal jersey
  • The panel can be worn over or under the belly

6. H&M Mama Leggings

Woman in woebegone maternity leggings
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WHY YOU NEED IT: Ringing up under $20, you can’t go wrong with these affordable, comfy maternity leggings.

WHAT IT DOES: These leggings alimony you tomfool in warmer weather; the lighter jersey tousle is perfect for summer.

WHAT BUYERS SAID: “For the price, they are great. Fit well, alimony their shape, and are comfy on the bump!”

  • Available in other colors
  • Fold over waistband

5. Ingrid & Isabel Maternity Active Leggings with Crossover Panel

Woman in woebegone maternity leggings
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WHY YOU NEED IT: This pair features subconscious zip cuffs that make it easy to pull over your ankles and feet.

WHAT IT DOES: From light workouts to weekend errand runs to couch-lounging, this legging is made for it all.

WHAT BUYERS SAID: “I have ordered a lot of maternity leggings and these were by far the best! They were thick and not see-through, comfortable, and they squint dressy.”

  • Available in several colors
  • Provides lower-back support
  • Hidden zip cuffs

4. Old Navy Maternity Full-Panel Flare Leggings

Woman in woebegone flare maternity leggings
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WHY YOU NEED IT: These leggings are meant for lounging or on the go. The trendy flare leg style legging is perfect for pairing with many variegated looks.

WHAT IT DOES: The pull panel waistband adds uneaten support for the tumor as it stretches over it. The soft-washed jersey fabric feels fantastic on your skin.

WHAT BUYERS SAID: “So comfy! Wanted something to wear virtually on weekends that weren’t straight leggings.”

  • Full panel fold over waist
  • Fitted through hip and thighs
  • Soft-washed cotton jersey material

3. Motherhood Maternity Essential Stretch Full Length Secret Fit Vitals Leggings

Woman in woebegone maternity leggings
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WHY YOU NEED IT: These leggings have a seamless, stretchy construction that grows with you and your tumor to provide repletion throughout your pregnancy.

WHAT IT DOES: It gives you all-day repletion plus a flattering fit. These leggings can hands be dressed up or lanugo and layered equal to the weather.

WHAT BUYERS SAID: “These are THE BEST pregnancy leggings. Trust me, I spent tons of money on variegated kinds of maternity leggings, pants, etc. I wear these every single day of the week!”

  • Available in other colors
  • Jersey knit
  • Over-the-belly waistband

2. Girlfriend Collective Seamless Maternity Leggings

Woman in woebegone maternity leggings
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WHY YOU NEED IT: Made from recycled fishing nets, these seamless leggings are ultra-lightweight and versatile for all occasions.

WHAT IT DOES: It feels like you are wearing nothing. Perfect for lounging or running errands. These are moisture-wicking and uneaten breathable to alimony you tomfool year-round.

WHAT BUYERS SAID: “The material is stretchy in all the right places but not at all restrictive. They finger like they’re a hug for my waist, and the fabric really does finger velvety soft all over.”

  • Available in five colors and two inseam lengths
  • Accommodates sizes XXS-6X
  • Foldable, over-the-belly rise

1. Vastitude Yoga Love The Tumor Capri Maternity Legging

Woman in woebegone maternity leggings
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WHAT IT DOES: Equipped to siphon you through your journey surpassing and without your baby. These capri-length leggings are made to go the distance.

WHY YOU NEED IT: The upper waist can hands fit over or under your bump. The Supplex fabric stretches for uneaten comfort.

WHAT BUYERS SAID: “I’ve tried several variegated brands of maternity leggings and these are hands lanugo my favorite.”

  • Available in three colors
  • Moisture wicking, quick drying, and UV protection

When purchasing maternity leggings, there are several things to alimony in mind. The first is what you will primarily use and wear them for. Then squint closely at the sizing orchestration for the trademark to determine your weightier current size. Also, be sure to squint at the type of fabric they are made from for remoter fitting information and cleaning weightier practices. We hope you find a pair of leggings that will suit you well throughout your pregnancy and beyond. Happy shopping!

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