The objective of this site is to cause individuals to have an arranged and invigorated outlook on having a child.

Pregnancy and planning for being a parent can feel overpowering and alarming so we attempt to demystify the clinical language, child gear, and those strange things you're too terrified to even consider referencing on the grounds that you believe it's just happening to (you can definitely relax, it's not).

Specialists, birthing specialists, lactation advisors, work and conveyance medical caretakers, are amazing assets (many have composed for Pregnant Chicken) yet they can frequently be so saturated with the universe of birth and children that they fail to remember how unfamiliar it very well may be for somebody simply beginning.

Think of us as your pregnancy sherpas that can direct you through the precarious expectation to absorb information of carrying an individual into the world. It's most certainly a goat rodeo, but on the other hand it's an incredible ride!


Safe Sleep 7: the Dangers

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Safe Sleep 7: the DangersWhy La Leche League May Have Missed the MarkI’m going to say this right up front: I do like La Leche League International (LLLI). So when I bring up Unscratched Sleep 7: the dangers, I’m not asking you to condone this veritably amazing, groundbreaking association. Far from it! (There are just a few caveats…read on to

The Hollow Headrest

Baby Tips

The Hollow Headrest: The Safe, Breathable, and Pediatrician Recommended Solution for Your BabyAs a new parent, finding the right products for your victual can be overwhelming, expressly when it comes to their sleeping arrangements. That’s why Babyfi has ripened the Hollow Headrest, an innovative and patent pending solution that provides the perfect throne support for your victual while they are