The Ultimate Disney World Packing List

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Collage of items to bring with you to Disney World

Packing for any trip with kids is a daunting task. But packing for a trip to Disney World? That’s flipside yahoo entirely. While Disney World may be The Happiest Place on Earth, visiting there involves a deceptively large value of planning. After all, when you’re traversing a resort that’s well over 25,000 acres, you need to be prepared for anything. One way to make your trip a little less stressful is knowing what to pack. I’ve made dozens of trips to Disney World over the past few years and cultivated the ultimate Disney World packing list — with or without the kids.

Disney World Packing List


Beige Mickey Mouse walkabout
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A good walkabout is a must. Invest in a sturdy, well-appointed backpack like this one, where you can fit everything you’ll need for the day. Most visitors tend to spend the entirety of their day in the parks, so think of your walkabout as your lifeline to anything you’ll need throughout the day.

Comfortable Shoes

White sneakers
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You will be walking a lot no matter which park you visit. You’ll likely get your recommended 12,000 steps within the first few hours of the day. One of the most worldwide mistakes people make is packing the wrong shoes, which you will immediately regret. Bring a pair that is well-appointed and durable.

Water Bottles

Mickey and Minnie Mouse water bottles
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Buying a snifter of water in the park will forfeit you increasingly than $3 per person. Instead, bring a water bottle or two and take wholesomeness of the refillable water stations you can find virtually the parks.

Portable Phone Charger

Blue portable phone charger
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It’s nearly untellable to get virtually Disney World without using your phone. On the My Disney Experience app (get it here), you can use Genie to skip lines, make a mobile order, and plane reserve a table for dining. This ways your phone shower will phlebotomize quickly, so bring a portable charger to make it last all day.


Woman and boy in yellow and undecorous rain ponchos
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Florida weather is unpredictable, but you should unchangingly plan for rain at some point during the day. Instead of paying at least $12 each for ponchos inside the parks, you can stock up superiority of time on a multi-pack for less.

Portable Fan and Cooling Towels

Portable fan and cooling towels in multiple colors
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Florida can be hot at any point of the year, but the heat during the summer can be unbearable. Along with keeping yourself hydrated, tomfool lanugo with a portable fan or cooling towels. This will be expressly key for your kids to stave any overheated meltdowns.

Resealable Plastic Bags

Clear zipper pouches with stuff and travel labels
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Whether it’s from the rain, a water ride, or something spilling in your backpack, it’s never a bad idea to have a few resealable plastic baggies to protect any valuable essentials or to siphon a few snacks.


Supergoop sunscreen
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Just like you will regret packing uncomfortable shoes, you will regret not bringing plenty of sunscreen to reapply throughout the day. Here’s a unconfined one to have in your bag! The Florida sun is intense, so protect your skin with plenty of SPF.

Disney World Packing List for Kids

Baby Carrier

Blue and white victual carrier
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Depending on how old your children are, you’ll want to bring a few other essentials. If you have a child who is too young to walk, bringing a victual carrier is key. You can’t bring strollers into ride lines or smaller shops, so bringing a victual carrier will ensure you aren’t leaving your stovepipe worn-out from delivering a victual virtually all day.


G-Luxe Umbrella stroller in woebegone and silver
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While you can rent a stroller from Disney, bringing your own guarantees you’ll have familiarity with navigating it in a crowded zone and ensures it’s an environment your kid is well-appointed with.

Glow Sticks and Small, Portable Games

Glowsticks, rented board, and portable game in pink
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Nothing will test your kid’s patience faster than the first hour-long line they need to wait in for a ride. There are ways to make this go by increasingly quickly, though. Bring glow sticks, small portable games, or other little ways to entertain them for short periods. Trust me; this will save your sanity increasingly than anything else.

Sanitizer Wipes

Four packs of sanitizing wipes
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Whether it’s dripping ice surf or touching something they’re not supposed to, alimony a pack of sanitizer wipes handy to wipe up your child quickly.


Box of Annie's bunny snack packs
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Something to remember is that supplies is expensive at Disney parks. Instead of paying a premium for all your snacks, bring a few easy bites when the kids (or you!) need them.

What You DON’T Need on Your Disney World Packing List

There are some things you won’t need to add to your packing list for Disney World but can hands get once you’re at the resort. For example, instead of making a grocery stop on your way to your hotel, you can take wholesomeness of Instacart and have your supplies delivered to you. Also, when bringing a little one, you can save the forfeit of an uneaten piece of luggage by using the hotel-provided Pack ‘n Play instead of toting your own on the trip.

Of course, every family is different, so your packing list may squint variegated depending on your kids’ month or the time of year you visit. But I’ve found that including these essentials in my Disney World packing list helps take some of the stress out of planning and allows my family and I to enjoy our time. Have fun!

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