17 Activities to Do with Your Kids This St. Patricks Day

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Little girl with Saint Patrick necklace in her hands.

March 17 will be here surpassing we know it. It’s time to start thinking well-nigh how to gloat St. Patrick’s Day with the family! The day is an opportunity to highlight Irish heritage and culture. However, anyone can make this day festive and fun with some preparation. While you’d need a lot of luck to pack all 17 of these St. Patrick’s activities into a single day, we think you’ll find a few favorites and create new traditions your little ones will cherish for years.

17 St. Patrick’s Day Activities to Do with Your Kids

1. Make Four Leaf Velvet Cakes

You’ve heard of untried eggs and ham, but how well-nigh velvet pancakes? You’ll need some green supplies dye, your favorite pancake recipe, and a shamrock-shaped cookie cutter to make this festive repast to start your kids’ day off with a smile.

2. Brush Up on Leprechaun-Catching Skills

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Gather and read “How to Catch a Leprechaun” by Adam Wallace with your littles for this St. Patrick’s Day activity. Not only is this an winsome story well-nigh a mischievous leprechaun trying to stave stuff trapped, but you can tell your kids it will come in handy for other special activities you have planned for the rest of the day. We promise their listening ears will perk up when they know there’s increasingly fun in store.

3. Go Green

You don’t need to splurge on fancy new St. Patrick’s attire if it’s not in the budget. You can make a game of who can “go the greenest” in your family with suit your kids own. The wackier and crazier the looks, the better! To well-constructed their perfect look, you can plane hibernate silly and inexpensive traps in your children’s drawers, like shiny green beaded necklaces or leprechaun headbands. (Extra points to the kid whose room doesn’t squint like a tornado blew through it at the end of the contest.)

4. Make Irish Soda Bread

Irish soda bread is a staple on the dinner table at every traditional St. Patrick’s Day meal. Whether you are Team Raisin or not, this is a fun, hands-on worriedness to get your kids involved in. You can help them grow their conviction in the kitchen and have some fun when it’s time to round the dough. Don’t forget to explain to your little ones the reason overdue wearing a navigate on top of the bread. It’s an old Irish superstition that families believe would let the fairies out and protect the household.

5. Learn an Irish Jig

Get moving by learning an Irish jig with your little ones! You can find a video on YouTube and well-spoken a space in your living room to flit around. Shoulder and when positioning are essential in traditional Irish flit movements, so you’ll moreover sneak in posture lessons. Practice together and mucosa the finished flit to share with family or friends who live far away. You’re sure to spread some cheer and be the life of the party.

6. Count Your Blessings

Using a traced image and some green construction paper, cut out some shamrocks superiority of time and lay them out on a table with markers for your little ones. If your kids are old unbearable to practice their writing skills, let them explain why your family is blessed. Otherwise, you can ask your kids what they finger lucky for. You can help them by writing their message surpassing letting them decorate it. Tape the shamrocks all over the house and alimony them up all weekend as a gratitude reminder.

7. Go on a Leprechaun Hunt

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It wouldn’t be St. Patrick’s Day without a leprechaun hunt. Buy a festive plush leprechaun toy and hibernate him somewhere sneaky. Write out clues virtually the house using construction or craft paper. Watch your kids have a wham peeking overdue hovel cushions and under blankets until they find their magical friend. You can plane requite your kids a toy net or a special green blanket to throw over the leprechaun once they make their big discovery.

8. Search for a Pot of Gold

Get some fresh air and throne into the yard or the park to play. Once the kids have gotten some energy out and are winding down, let them know there is a secret pot of gold they must find. Use a basket you once have, or purchase a simple black cauldron. Then, fill it with gold coins, goodies, snacks, juice, or water. Your little ones will be happy to find some treats without working up an appetite, playing, and searching for gold.

9. Count Coins

Speaking of gold, you can sneak in a St. Patrick’s Day math lesson using some coins to test your kiddo’s subtracting and subtracting skills. Buy some inexpensive St. Patrick’s Day-themed plastic coins online, or opt for the chocolate gold foil-covered kind and have a sweet reward at the end of a successful math equation.

10. Go to a St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Children throwing beads to parade goers at the Little Rock St. Patrick's Day Parade

Whether your family lives in a big municipality or a small town, there’s unseat to be a parade within driving distance. Pack the kids up and throne to the nearest parade so you can enjoy some fresh air and festive music and meet up with family and friends to gloat together.

11. Gobble Untried Drinks

While untried beer is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think of St. Patrick’s Day and drinking, get creative and whip up some healthy, kid-friendly untried goodies. Whether you have a green smoothie recipe in mind or want to indulge in some untried fruit juice or limeade, you can make this treat uneaten special with a festive cup. Or you can decorate a regular glass with themed stickers.

12. Play St. Patrick’s Day Trivia

Even though Ireland is sometimes tabbed the Emerald Isle, did you know the verisimilitude people associated initially with St. Patrick was blue? Untried was incorporated into festivities in the 18th century and has stuck to the holiday overly since. Brush up on Irish culture and history by creating a list of trivia questions on a whiteboard or plane in your notes on your smartphone. This worriedness is a fun way to engage your kids with a little bit of friendly festive competition and learn something new.1

13. Plan a Four-Leaf Velvet Search

Three children sitting outside in a field of grass looking for four leafed clovers.

On a diaper walk with my aunt, she encouraged me to stop and venery for four-leaf clovers. I will never forget how shocked and delighted I was to discover one! I ended up framing it and proudly offered it up at a show-and-tell. This rare variation of the worldwide three-leaf velvet is traditionally believed to bring good luck to those who find it. You never know; your little one might surprise you. But plane if they don’t, you’re scrutinizingly guaranteed to steal 10 minutes of peace to enjoy a hot cup of coffee from start to finish. And we think that’s pretty lucky.

14. Plant Shamrocks

Fear not if the four-leaf velvet finding doesn’t go equal to plan. To unstrap any disappointed little faces and well-spoken up any pouts, grab your gardening supplies and have some fun letting your little one play in the dirt. Plant a few shamrock plants in your yard or a small indoor planter. In warm climates, shamrock plants can stay outdoors all year long, but they are happier indoors for colder conditions, so plant accordingly.

15. Make St. Patrick’s Day Rice Cereal Treats

St. Patrick's Day Rice Krispie Treats with lucky charms marshmallows
Image via Classy Clutter

Whether you’re a kid or a grown-up, rice cereal treats are unchangingly a good idea. One way to hoist this archetype treat for this St. Patrick’s Day worriedness and add some festive fun is to use green supplies coloring and sprinkle in everyone’s favorite sugary cereal element: Lucky Charms marshmallows. Put your kids to work pouring out a giant trencher of Lucky Charms and sorting out the marshmallows from the cereal to set whispered for your recipe, and enjoy this sticky sweet treat together.

16. Make Rainbow Decorations

A fun art worriedness will surely capture your kids’ imaginations, and you only need a few materials you probably once have. For this St. Patrick’s Day activity, grab white paper plates, scissors, markers, cotton balls, glue, and a ribbon to hang your decoration. Form your rainbow wily by wearing the paper plate in half and wearing yonder the semi-circle. You can lightly trace seven lines in pencil so your kids can fill in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet surpassing securing some cotton balls at either end of the rainbow with glue. Tie the rainbow on your string and hang it slantingly your happy shamrocks.

17. Don Matching Lucky PJs

Family in matching St. Patrick's Day pajamas
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The perfect end to a special day, gloat in style as a family by rocking cute matching St. Patrick’s Day pajamas. You can snap a quick family photo, gather for a game night, or snuggle together for an Irish movie. Since St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Friday this year, you don’t need to rush your bedtime routine, and the whole family is sure to get a magical night of sleep in lucky matching sets.

In need of some increasingly inspiration? Check out 20 of the Cutest St. Patrick’s Day Products here. No matter how you spend your day, your kids will love stuff together and making family memories. Whether you plan to gloat by whipping up a sweet treat in the kitchen, jamming out to some Gaelic music, working on your Irish step dancing in the living room, getting creative with some crafts, or heading into the unconfined outdoors – we hope your day is filled with magic and love.

1. https://kids.nationalgeographic.com/celebrations/article/st-patricks-day

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