Spring Cleaning Isnt Just For Parents Heres How To Make It Fun

Parenting 2023-03-06

It’s scrutinizingly time to start this year’s spring cleaning. Have you considered getting the kids involved this year? Try these ideas to turn spring cleaning into a fun kid centered activity:

It’s scrutinizingly like nesting… for a house.

The birds are chirping, grass is turning green, the flowers are blooming… and the house is waiting for a good spring cleaning.

And it’s not just for the kids. Don’t let them watch TV while you get the house in ship shape. Instead, have them join in.

Kids can have fun with spring cleaning.

Pump Up the Jams

Kids don’t naturally equate cleaning to fun…

So, pump up the jams and get it done. Playing some kids bob music (or something with some fun beats) can be a unconfined way to motivate everyone in the house.

When something is enjoyable, it’s increasingly likely to go smoother.

Do you have a fun cleaning playlist? I would love to hear it!

50 Life Skills (By Age!)

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“I’m Pursuit the Leader….”

“The leader, the leader. I’m pursuit the leader wherever she may go.”

Tackle one room at a time with your little helper. You can get mini versions of what you’ve got…

  • a mini broom and dustpan
  • spray snifter with water and vinegar & a rag
  • dusting tools

Let your little one work slantingly you. He or she can have so much fun copying what they see you doing.

Make It Well-nigh Learning

It’s often times easier to just do it that to explain every step of the way…

However, are little ones really learning if we do everything for them?

I recommend taking the time to teach some valuable cleaning life skills. Will they do it as well as you? I doubt it. Will they be as efficient as you? No, way. However, they will learn and you will have some bonding time.

Check out my post on real chores that preschoolers and toddlers can do and get started with some help for spring cleaning this year.

Out with the Old & In With the New

Understanding that everything has a place is key when it comes to staying wipe and organized. There’s no age too young to learn this concept. When spaces are cluttered and messy, things get lost and it’s not very fun.

Spring cleaning is a unconfined time to re-evaluate the space your kids are utilizing in their rooms.

In fact, some kids love to organize.

Kids can have so much fun during spring cleaning! They can organize their personal spaces. They can spruce up their play areas. It can be a blast…

It’s not unchangingly “fun” getting rid of older toys (or trash) that builds up in their spaces. However, this process can be a unconfined life skill.

Choose Age Towardly Chores & Routines

It just simply isn’t going to work (and it’s no fun) when chores are too whop for little ones.

That stuff said, segregate some age towardly chores for kids to do for spring cleaning. It makes all the difference.

One way to be sure chores are working equal to age is to segregate a routine that works for you. When we do our spring cleaning, I pass out chore cards and everyone gets rented with their assignment.

Use Timers

Timers are a unconfined way to rencontre and motivate kids into cleaning. You know what I’m talking about? Those old school cooking timers? You can use those for sure. Kids come spinning the dial and counting how long they have to get the job done.

You could moreover use some updated timers like:

Get your timer out and start the countdown. Watch as the kids scramble to get the job done. It’s satisfying and is unconfined if you’re in a time crunch.

Practice Sorting

Sorting is a unconfined life skill for little ones to practice. You can make spring cleaning fun by creating some fun opportunities for kids to sort.

Here are some fun things to sort:

  • Toys into the right baskets or on shelves
  • Books by size or category
  • Shoes or Jackets by the entry ways
  • Cooking utensils
  • Markers, crayons, or other art supplies
  • Pantry items (non perishables)
  • Winter clothes/summer gown
  • Socks

Getting a sorting project for kids will require a bit pf planning. You may want to prepare the space superiority of time and set some guidelines. Remember that baskets are the organized moms weightier friend.

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Have A Scavenger Hunt

We love having scavenger hunts. It’s a lot of fun and the kids usually have a blast.

Why not turn spring cleaning into a fun scavenger hunt?

You can make a list of things that kids need to find- such as 5 wrenched toys, one bag of trash, three books to requite away, etc.

What is the prize at the end?

Make this as detailed or as simple as what works for your kids age or needs.

The Unconfined Sock Hunt

One of the funniest things I’ve heard recently is that socks go into the wash as pairs, and come out as mix matched Tupperware lids.

Wait… maybe that’s just how it is at my house.

A unique spring cleaning idea is to let the kids work on their sock collection. It can be a rencontre to make sure they are:

  • all clean,
  • matched, and
  • in their proper place

Make it fun by letting the kids make sock puppets from their socks without pairs.


Turning old things into useful tools is a unconfined thing to do for spring cleaning. Plus, it feels good to “get rid” of the old.

Here are some east up-cycle ideas:

  • tin cans (painted) into colorful planters
  • glass bottles (mason or spaghetti jars) into decor
  • old suffuse towels into rags for cleaning
  • outdated window into chalk message workbench
  • broken baskets into storage for cleaning supplies

It’s very satisfying to take something worth nothing, and turn it into something of value. There’s just something well-nigh seeing that lends itself to this creativity.

50 Life Skills (By Age!)

Check off hair-trigger household, social, and hygiene skills for your child so they’re prepared (not petrified) of growing up!

Give, Donate, or Share

I like to alimony things simple.

However, it can be nonflexible when the kids have so many toys, books, games, etc. This is one reason why I like to build our dress up gown stash instead of ownership increasingly toys.

Spring cleaning is a unconfined time to teach the life skills involved in giving, donating, or sharing their unused (and still valuable) toys.

When kids participate in choosing what to donate, they are towers weft and their visualization making skills. There’s moreover a unconfined feeling of generosity that kids develop when they shoehorn that it’s time to pass something along.

Be sure not to let them requite yonder things that are wrenched or useless. Those things are for the trash. However, turn it into a fun learning experience.

Also, giving, donating, and sharing are unconfined ways to uplift gratitude.

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