Speed Cleaning With Kids 8 tips To Get IT Done

Parenting 2023-03-06

Are you looking for a way to get the house wipe and alimony it that way? These tips are sure ways to speed wipe with the kids help. Here’s how to get it done:

Kids make huge messes.

But they can moreover wipe those messes up!

So, if you’ve been operating with only one side of this equation, it’s time to get your toddlers, preschoolers, elementary weather-beaten kids, and older to get involved in the spring cleaning.

Get Together & Get It Done

Foster an environment where kids uncork to finger a sense of satisfaction upon a task well done. This satisfaction comes from working together and investing in the tidiness of our house.

We all work together, speed wipe the house, and then enjoy the rest of our day together. Team work makes the dream work… so they say.

Kids goody from the life skills learned in cleaning. Not only that, but kids all age can participate. There can be something for everyone to do.

Also, when kids spend time speed cleaning with mom they are increasingly likely to take some personal responsibilities each day to alimony the house tidy.

  • Try setting a timer and challenging kids in a fun way.

Use the Right Tools

Nothing holds up speed cleaning like not having the right tools. I mean, stuff organized and having the tools necessary are essentials when it comes to speed cleaning with kids.

I’m not talking well-nigh fancy cleaning gadgets…

Simple, easy to handle, and constructive tools will do the trick. You want to train your kids on how to do the tasks and keep the tools the same for them to use each time.

Here are some tips for choosing & keeping the right cleaning tools:

  • Use scrub brushes with handles.
  • Find an quality pebbles pan and hold onto it…. AKA don’t let it get lost.
  • Purchase a short handle broom.
  • Get a broom and dustpan set to alimony it all together.
  • Teach kids proper use of rags and where to put them for cleaning.
  • Use chemicals that are unscratched virtually small children.
  • Put supplies for each room in a basket in the room they will be used in.

Use Cards to Assign Tasks on the Fly

It’s cleaning day and everyone is helping out. Grab the chore cards, pass them out, and get started.

Get the task done… it’s really that simple.

  • Evaluate and assign age towardly chores. Kids are capable of so much and can be very helpful.

Have the House Prepared in the -15 Minute Rule

I like to unchangingly have the house at a less than 15 minutes to visitor rule. Let me explain…

At all times, my house can be “company ready” in 15 minutes or less. Now, that’s a speed clean.

When visitor is on the way I can assign the kids their task and we can knock out everything that needs to be done.

This works considering I don’t let things get too out of hand. My daily sweep is the ticket. A daily sweep is a nightly task that I work into my routine every evening. It feels unconfined and makes speed cleaning a breeze.

Use Baskets to Macro-Organize

Macro-organizing is the way to go if you like to speed clean.

On the flip side, micro-organizing makes increasingly work. Honestly, it’s so nonflexible to maintain ultra organized systems. You’ll probably be the one that will have to stay on top of it. Then, you’ll be when to doing all the cleaning and tiding up yourself.

We can’t have that…

I like to use baskets to store like items in our main living spaces. This makes tiding and cleaning up super fast. Anyone can do it, plane the littlest ones.

Assign Jobs Ahead of Time

Chore charts, tasks based on age, or assignments that each kid expects to do (each time) can be a good way to speed clean.

It’s easier to do something quickly if you’re expecting it. Choose which method works best for your kids and their age and lay it out in advance. That way, when it’s time to do speed chores, everyone can quickly get on it.

  • There are many unconfined life skills taught by doing household chores
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Have Older Kids Help Younger Kids

If you want to work yourself out of doing all the chores, start ’em young and train ’em right. There is a job for everyone.

One way to get this washed-up quickly is to teach your older kids to “train” younger kids. They can shadow them in their job(s

50 Life Skills (By Age!)

Check off hair-trigger household, social, and hygiene skills for your child so they’re prepared (not petrified) of growing up!

Start From Top to Bottom

When it comes to speed cleaning, you want to get it right the first time. It’s no good to have to wipe something increasingly than once.

Start from the marrow up – it’s basically gravity. Dirt falls down, so start cleaning the surfaces first, then throne lanugo the floors.

This works unconfined is you’re assigning each kid a separate room for the speed clean.

Place Handy Supply Baskets in Each Room

You know what really slows lanugo a speed wipe project? Kids arguing over cleaning supplies. It’s honestly unbearable to make me want to pull my hair out when they do that.

Here’s a simple answer:

  • Place all supplies needed for cleaning that room in a basket.
  • Set the basket in that room in a non-conspicuous place.
  • Make sure kids know to alimony all items in that location when not in use.
  • Stock up & don’t run out.
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Get Everyone Involved

If you’re kids are like mine, they can come up with some pretty unconfined excuses when it comes times to clean. Most of the time, it’s things that they know I want them to do…. that just come up at that moment.


It’s time to speed wipe and everyone is helping.

On the flip side, don’t fall for the trap of dismissing your kids from helping if they aren’t as good as you expect them to be at a task. That’s what training and practice are for. Likewise, the older they get the increasingly clever they get when it comes to getting out of tasks.

I like to say, “Do it right the first time or you’ll find yourself doing it again.”