Simple and Sustainable Clothing Items for the Minimalist Mom

Children Health 2023-03-01

Three woman modeling neutral colored clothing

Do you find yourself continuously reaching for the same items in your closet? If so, you’re not alone! The typesetting You Are What You Wear by Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner states that most people wear 20% of their closet 80% of the time. As you enter a new stage of life while rhadamanthine a new mom, you will likely find this statement increasingly and increasingly accurate. It is easier to put on well-appointed and user-friendly items to pair together. This is why increasingly women are embracing the minimalist mom way and investing in good vital suit items. They can save you time as a new mom getting dressed while still permitting you to finger and squint your best.

Choosing the ‘Uniform’ Method

Many minimalist moms segregate the ‘uniform‘ method for dressing. Especially when pregnant, it’s helpful to find pieces you enjoy and can hands rotate rather than ownership a whole new wardrobe. This method is increasingly or less like developing a uniform; for example, woebegone maternity leggings, solid T-shirts in neutral colors, white sneakers, or slide sandals. It can moreover be helpful to prefer this method vastitude pregnancy to help simplify your daily dressing with go-to basics. Choosing good quality nuts still allows you to be creative with accessorizing, so you’ll never be bored with your looks. This is why it’s good to invest in versatile staple pieces, good quality, and neutral colors for easy mixing and matching.

Keeping these tips in mind, we are sharing some sustainably made pieces that can be mixed and matched to help you with paring lanugo your wardrobe as a new mom.

Simple and Sustainable Tops for Moms

Everlane Organic Cotton Slouchy V-Neck

Woman in v-neck shirt and jean shorts
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About the brand: Everlane’s environmental initiatives include towers an upstanding supply uniting that creates long-lasting, low-impact, high-quality products. It makes this happen by thoughtfully choosing its materials to reduce waste, plastics, and chemicals.

Why you need it: A slouchy V-neck T-shirt can be the towers woodcut for myriad outfits. It’s a must-have suit item in every minimalist mom’s wardrobe. It can moreover be worn for lounging as a well-appointed top. This tee comes in five colors. At only $30, it is super affordable for a sustainable malleate piece.

Everlane Pima Micro-Rib Funnel-Neck Tank

Woman grey in sleeveless shirt with mockneck and shirt tied virtually waist
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Why you need it: Everyone needs a blazer or cardigan in their closet for potation wear. Add this tank underneath with dress slacks, jeans, or shorts, and it can moreover be worn for a warmer-weather outfit. This top is such a unconfined layering piece that is anything but basic.

Everlane Long-Sleeve Supima Square-Neck Bodysuit

Woman in woebegone long-sleeve bodysuit
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Why you need it: Made of domestically sourced Supima cotton, a longer-fibered fabric that gives uneaten tautness and stretch, it comes in three colors and your nomination of a thong or bikini-style bottom. Pair with a blazer to dress it up, or wear it vacated with high-waisted denim and sneakers. Dress it lanugo for a unstudied squint for everyday wear, or pair it with the right traps for a night out.

Everlane Organic Cotton Crew Sweater

Woman in surf sweater
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Why you need it: This sweater is a layering suit item essential for minimalist moms. It is made of a comfy, cozy organic cotton blend. The sweater would squint unconfined underneath a vest or structured blazer. You could moreover pair it with a turtleneck underneath.

Everlane Washable Silk Relaxed Shirt

Woman in white long-sleeve sawed-off lanugo shirt
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Why you need it: A silk button-up shirt is timeless. It can be worn in your wardrobe for many years to come in many ways. Pair with jeans or shorts for a increasingly unstudied outfit. Or dress this top up by subtracting a skirt or wearing it over a dress. You could pair it with heels for a increasingly formal look.

Sustainable and Fashionable Bottoms Perfect for Moms

Everlane Way-High Jean Short

Cutoff denim shorts
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Why you need it: For moms on the go, these shorts are perfect for women with children to ventilator and who want to be covered while staying cool. These denim shorts come in white and three shades of blue. The high-waisted fit is flattering while still comfortable. They underscore your true waist and are a flattering longer length on your legs.

Summersalt Easy High-Waisted Flare Pant

Woman in white sawed-off lanugo shirt with woebegone jacket and tan flare pants
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About the brand: Summersalt is honest with its customers on everything from pricing to fit to practices. They are all well-nigh earth-friendly practices regarding materials like using recycled or eco-friendly TENCEL, TENCEL Modal, and Cupro.

Why you need it: These high-waisted flare pants are retro and cute. They come in three colors. They’re finished with a touch of stretch for all-day comfort. Pair them with any top for an effortless look.

Summersalt Sea to Shore Swim Shorts

Woman in matching swim top and swim shorts
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Why you need it: These shorts are crafted from the same fabric as their swimsuits, making them quick to dry. They are the perfect shorts for all day to wear in warmer weather. Wear over a one- or two-piece swimsuit for water activities. You can moreover wear these with a tank or tee to relax in.

The Girlfriend Collective Woebegone FLOAT Ultralight Legging

Black high-waist leggings
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About the brand: The Girlfriend Collective factory is SA8000 (a standard and certification system by Social Accountability International) certified, meaning their operation adheres to super strict regulations that alimony factory employees well-paid, safe, and living healthy lives.

Why you need it: Wearing these ultralight leggings feels like you’re wearing nothing. They finger soft but work nonflexible for you. Every woman, including minimalist moms, needs this suit item in their closet. A trusty pair of woebegone leggings is perfect for dressing up or down.

Levi’s Wedgie Straight Jeans

Cropped light wash jeans
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About the brand: Levi’s is single-minded to sustainability in fashion. They launched a “Buy Better, Wear Longer” wayfarers in 2021 (see it here). They continually squint for ways to use resources and make products increasingly energy-efficient.

Why you need it: These cult-favorite straight jeans come in 15 colors. They sit whilom the waist for a flattering fit. These jeans will underscore your natural waistline and hips for the perfect fit.

Fashionable Outerwear for Your Wardrobe

The North Face Eco Hooded Parka

Black puffer jacket over white shirt and jeans
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About the brand: 100% of The North Face’s top materials (polyester, cotton, and nylon) are expected to be recycled, responsibly sourced, renewable, or regeneratively grown. The trademark focuses directly on mother nature, communities, and the future.

Why you need it: A warm jacket is paramount in unprepossessed weather, and this one comes equipped with a parka for uneaten protection from the wind. It stops unelevated the waist for a flattering fit.

Summersalt Warmest Wool Cocoon Coat

Woman in cocoon stratify in tan with woebegone top and white pants standing on stairs
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Why you need it: A statement stratify can be worn for functionality and fashion. A tremendously structured stratify in a neutral verisimilitude like camel will go with anything in your closet. Pair this stratify with a bodysuit, jeans, and Chelsea boots for a tony look. It can moreover be worn with a sweater dress and tights to alimony you warm on unprepossessed days. Another option for this stratify is to pair it with a sweatshirt, leggings, jeans, and sneakers for a dressed-down look.

Dresses and Jumpsuits for Minimalist Moms

The Girlfriend Collective Woebegone Lola V-Neck Dress

Woman in woebegone sleeveless v-neck sturdy dress and woebegone sneakers
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Why you need it: Whether going for a walk or running errands, you deserve to squint and finger cute while doing it. Exercise dresses are perfect for doing just that. This one comes with a seated bra and inner shorts underneath. Pair with sneakers and your favorite baseball cap for an easy outfit. Take this little dress out to brunch by subtracting a sweatshirt over it or a jean jacket for warmth and to dress it up a bit.

Everlane Organic Weekend Maxi Dress

Woman in woebegone midi dress with front pocket
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Why you need it: This dress will work for any situation. T-shirt maxi dresses are so flowy and forgiving. They can moreover be paired with variegated shoes and traps for dressier and increasingly unstudied looks. You could go with a jean jacket and wedges for a squint that’ll take you from day to night. Or, pair this maxi dress with sneakers for an effortlessly tomfool look.

Everlane City Stripe Draped Shirt Dress

Woman in sawed-off lanugo short woebegone shirt dress
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Why you need it: Pair this archetype shirt dress with heels or wedges for an office-friendly or event-ready look. Drape a sweater over the shoulders for a coastal grandma vibe, or finish with small to medium-sized hoop earrings for a squint that will never go out of style. You can wear this shirt dress year-round for situations you want to squint polished in. The sleeves can be worn long or rolled up to your desired length. There’s moreover a tie for cinching at the waist.

Everlane Ribbed Wrap Midi Dress

Woman in suntan ribbed wrap dress
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Why you need it: This midi dress will alimony you looking elegant for church, a victual shower, or other events. It comes in three colors, and the tie at the waist allows you to retread it to fit your waist—pair it with ballet flats or heels, plus a unconfined necklace for the perfect event look.

Summersalt Cinched Waist Caftan Dress

Woman in floral wrap dress with long-sleeves
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Why you need it: This caftan dress can be worn for any warm weather event or a day on the water. You can wear it as a swimsuit coverup or as a dress. It comes in three stunning floral prints, a cinched waist, and a V-neckline that will make for a flattering fit. It can moreover be worn as an outfit and paired with sandals or wedges. Pair with your favorite sunglasses, and you’re ready to go.

Remember to focus on function, quality, and versatility when paring lanugo your wardrobe. The idea is to purchase suit items for your closet that will make sense for your minimalist mom lifestyle and help create outfits you can wear over and over that you’ll finger good in and finger good about. Consider the quality of the fabric each garment is made with, which will indulge you to see whether it can be worn for many years. Lastly, gravitate toward sustainable malleate pieces that can be worn in many ways, including casual, work, and formal occasions. There are moreover other options when creating your minimalist wardrobe besides ownership new clothing, such as visiting resale shops online to shop gently used or turning to suit rental businesses for special occasions.

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