Is White Noise Safe for Babies?

Baby Tips 2023-03-06

is white noise unscratched for babies

Is White Noise REALLY Unscratched for Babies?

Here are the pros and cons of this wondrous sleep tool.

If you’re considering a white noise machine for newborns, you’re onto a trend that’s getting some wondrous results.

Certain types of steady preliminaries noise are soothing to babies, just like they are to adults.

But recent research suggests that not all white noise is healthy for newborns. This leaves parents wondering, “Is white noise bad for babies? Or is there a unscratched option?”

Here’s the good news: the right newborn white noise preliminaries can help your victual sleep and protect her sensitive ears. All you need is the know-how so you can make the right choice.

If you’re considering using a newborn white noise machine in the nursery, here’s everything you need to know.

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Why Parents Segregate White Noise Machines

So why are increasingly and increasingly parents choosing this popular tool?

Through the ages, parents have used practically every device imaginable to soothe their babies to sleep. If you have a little one who is colicky, highly sensitive, or simply needs sleep training, you can probably relate!

Note that I said parents have used variegated methods through the ages. That ways some methods simply don’t work –– or the victual simply grows up and grows out of the need to wake during the night.

The problem is that some methods (like “crying it out”) are harsh and can forfeiture a baby’s trust, while others may unquestionably proffer how long it takes for your infant to learn to self-soothe so she can sleep on her own.

White noise for babies has a few major benefits, including:

Pros of White Noise Machines

  • Studies show up to 80% of babies fall unconsciousness within 5 minutes using a white noise machine
  • White noise mimics the sounds of the womb, where Victual felt most secure
  • The noise level can be adjusted to protect Baby’s sensitive ears
  • It’s a gentle method
  • It blocks household sounds that may be keeping your little one awake
  • It has been shown to reduce crying and may even lessen the pain response in infants

So, how could white noise possibly be bad for babies? Actually, at the correct levels, it isn’t. However, white noise machines for babies need to be used correctly. Cons of using this type of device include:

Cons of White Noise Machines

  • Some parents may be using the machine at too upper a decibel level
  • When used improperly, any noise machine may potentially forfeiture an infant’s hearing
  • A percentage of babies don’t respond to white noise (tip: having trouble getting your little one to sleep? Contact me today!)

How to Use a White Noise Machine for Your Newborn

Experts say using a white noise machine correctly can have a host of benefits.

Here’s what the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends for using a newborn white noise machine:

  • Place the white noise machine at least 7 feet yonder from your baby.
  • Keep your white noise machine BELOW 50 decibels. (That’s well-nigh the noise level of a quiet dishwasher.)
  • If the white noise machine has settings that don’t show the decibel level, unchangingly segregate the Low setting.
  • Don’t wilt overly reliant on the white noise machine. Use only once or twice a day if possible. Your victual needs to gradually learn to soothe herself to sleep. She moreover needs to hear the undulation of speech and other sounds, rather than having these drowned out most of the time.

How to Segregate a White Noise Machine

I’m a stickler when it comes to health recommendations, so make sure you trammels on that decibel level. Even if you have the machine on Low, that setting may exceed 50 decibels.

Call or email the manufacturer. If they’re not willing to requite you the information, move on to flipside machine.

My recommendation is the Dohm Original White Noise Machine. I’ve tested it myself, as well as dozens of other white noise machines and the Dohm is the ONLY one I recommend. However, make sure you have the most updated information at the time of purchase. Have any questions? Ask me!

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With the right tools –– including knowledge –– you can find the weightier white noise machine that will help your newborn ease her way into self-soothing. And that ways happiness for the whole family.

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