Help, The Holidays Ruined Babys Sleep!

Baby Tips 2024-01-08

holidays ruined baby's sleep

Help, The Holidays Ruined Baby’s Sleep!

Tis the season to be jolly, have parties, celebrate…and for some families, to find that the holidays ruined Baby’s sleep. What do you do when late nights are interfering with your baby’s sleep training?

I’m here to help! Read on to find out what to do.

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  • Can You Sleep Train During the Holidays?
  • Why Holidays Ruin Baby’s Sleep
  • When Sleep Strategies Fail
  • If The Holidays Ruined Baby’s Sleep
  • How to Get When on Track


Can You Sleep Train During the Holidays?

Technically, yes. I have had stories from my clients well-nigh their children finally sleeping on their own on a special date, like Christmas or their birthday.

On the other hand, things can be trickier over the holidays. Let’s talk well-nigh why that happens.

Why Holidays Ruin Baby’s Sleep

If you’ve once tried this yourself, I’ll bet you can requite me the wordplay instead of the other way around!

But for those who are experiencing that the holidays ruined Baby’s sleep, you may wonder what could make sleep training difficult at this time.

When Sleep Strategies Fail

There are two ways most parents deal with the holidays and their child’s sleep.

#1: Going to Events Anyway

The first reason many babies revert to not sleeping through the night is that you get home later with them from gatherings.

I know…it’s untellable to refuse Grandma’s strudel or your aunt’s cannoli. And everyone loves getting together on holidays. So I’m not saying you should skip all your get-togethers, plane if they will run later than Baby’s sleep time.

But do know that your baby’s internal clock is regulating to falling unconsciousness at a unrepealable time when you sleep train. Too many interruptions of that, and Baby’s sleep training can be derailed, at least for a little while.

#2: Stuff Home Surpassing Bedtime

As I’ve mentioned above, your strategy may be to go out shopping or to parties, but to be home surpassing bedtime.

You might plane decide you won’t shepherd gatherings that navigate over Baby’s nap times, and that’s up to you. You know your victual best.

The problem is that the unstipulated energy virtually holidays may alimony Victual up anyway. Your child is stuff overstimulated during this time. (You are too!)

And while it’s unconfined and healthy to see friends and family, this unvarying stimulation of lights, sounds, new foods and (to your baby) new people can midpoint it’s harder for Victual to wind down.

If The Holidays Ruined Baby’s Sleep

Here is what I found out with my own daughter. During an heady period when your child is overstimulated, you may want to downshift on the sleep training.

At the same time, there are a few sleep training techniques you should stick to.


  • Continue with your bedtime routine (usually that’s bath, typesetting and bed) plane if you start it older or later in the evening.
  • Realize that it may take your victual longer to settle lanugo due to all the excitement.
  • Reassure your victual that you’re there. Plane happy times can make your child yellow-eyed due to the transpiration in routine.
  • Try to schedule activities so they don’t mismatch with bedtime and naptime.


  • Insist your victual “cry it out” for long periods (more than 5-10 minutes of fussing and winding down).
  • Get wrestling with your baby. It’s normal to wilt impatient, expressly when you’re both tired. Alimony in mind that the activities are all making memories for your family, and this tumor in the sleep training road won’t last forever.
  • Worry that the holidays ruined Baby’s sleep forever. There’s no such thing! You both can and will get on track.


Getting When on Track When Holidays Ruined Baby’s Sleep

After the time of worriedness is over, your child may take a few days up to well-nigh a week to settle when lanugo to where they were with their sleep training.

If you’re planning on sleep training your victual but you haven’t started yet, you may want to put it off until without the holidays.

If you’re still worried that the holidays ruined Baby’s sleep, and your little one is just not getting when to their sleep routine, I’m here to help! Check out my services unelevated to find out how to make sure you and your family get a unconfined night’s sleep…tonight and every night.


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