Baby Sleep Schedule: Birth to One Year

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baby sleep schedule

Your Baby’s Sleep Schedule: Birth to One Year

Congratulations! You’re a parent or a brand-new caregiver. Or perhaps you’re simply looking for ways to help your little one sleep better.

You’re probably getting a lot of translating — and some of it doesn’t make sense. Don’t let your victual cry; pick your victual up as soon as she cries. Feed her increasingly and she’ll sleep for longer; feed her increasingly and you’ll teach her supplies is the wordplay to everything. Get your victual on a sleep schedule; let her set her own pace.

My guess is that by now, you’ve heard it all. And so have I. Throughout my fulfilling career as a victual sleep consultant, I’ve noticed that sleep is the number one worry new parents have. What’s typical, and what’s not? And is your victual on schedule?

Here’s what a typical baby sleep schedule may squint like, why some infants have difficulty, and when you need help from an expert.

A Note Before We Begin

Please note that I said “a typical baby’s sleep schedule.” Here’s the caveat: very few babies’ sleep follows professional guidelines to the letter. So if our little one isn’t quite meeting their sleep milestones, don’t worry. Every victual is different.

If you’re concerned, scroll to the marrow of the vendible to see how you can help get your victual when on track.

Now let’s discuss the unstipulated guidelines for your baby’s sleep schedule during their first year.

Baby Sleep Schedule: Newborn to 2 Months

At first, most newborn infants need to eat every 2 to 3 hours. However, this time will gradually uncork to lengthen. By well-nigh 4 weeks, your victual should have at least one 6 hour stretch of sleep each day.

Daytime sleep usually includes between 3 and 5 naps. Some babies reduce their naps to 2 to 4 times a day by the end of this period.

By 2 months, most babies can go for at least one 8 hour stretch without a feeding. (For lucky parents, this happens at night. If you’re not seeing this progression by well-nigh 3 months, see unelevated for guidance on what to do.)

Baby Sleep Schedule: 3 to 5 Months

By well-nigh 4 months, most babies are on a resulting nighttime sleep schedule of at least 8 hours. Babies will usually waif at least one daytime nap during this period.

Your victual may seem to sleep like a log, but they’re unquestionably developing important sleep skills now. So if you notice a return of night wakings, don’t be alarmed. Because of this important developmental time, your victual may be increasingly restless at night.

See unelevated for what to do if Victual doesn’t get when on schedule without a couple of weeks.

Baby Sleep Schedule: 6 to 8 Months

By this time, most babies are sleeping 10 to 12 hours through the night without needing a feeding. However, expect a few bumps withal the way. This is a time of amped development, such as sitting and crawling. Mastering these milestones can make your victual increasingly wakeful at night.

This is moreover a time when some infants develop separation anxiety, which can make your little one fearful of stuff left vacated in their crib at night. (Don’t worry — you can get past this! Scroll to the end of the vendible to find out how.)

Your victual will most likely reduce their naps to twice a day.

Baby Sleep Schedule: 9 to 12 Months

Most babies sleep between 10 and 12 hours a night by the end of their first year.

Nap times moreover go lanugo to twice a day. And a few babies will only nap once a day at the one-year mark. Don’t worry well-nigh this; make sure you well-spoken your baby’s health with your pediatrician, and realize that your victual is just increasingly awake and energetic than most.

What if Your Baby’s Sleep Doesn’t Match the Schedule?

Remember that the whilom recommendations are averages. That ways some babies sleep increasingly than their age calls for, and some sleep less.

If you’re worried well-nigh your baby’s sleep schedule, visit your child’s pediatrician. Once you’ve been given the untried light to go superiority with infant sleep training, I’m here for you! I offer personalized, one-on-one help to help your victual to sleep better.

  • Individual consultations come with a step-by-step sleep plan that I create for your baby, and help with the unshortened process so that your victual can start sleeping through the night.
  • Check out my Consultation Packages, to find the weightier one for you and your baby.
  • And be sure to see what others are saying well-nigh how I have helped them on the Testimonials Page.

I can’t wait to hear from you and get you and your family started on creating an environment that’s peaceful, happy, and of course, well-rested!

baby sleep schedule
baby sleep schedule