Baby Only Sleeps 30 Minutes

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baby only sleeps 30 minutes

Baby Only Sleeps 30 Minutes?

Here’s What to Do

In my years as a Certified Sleep Consultant, I hear it all the time from families:

“My victual will only sleep 30 minutes.” (Or “My victual will only sleep 45 or 60 minutes.”)

It’s as if the little one has an internal clock that goes off without a unrepealable value of time. The problem is that it’s not the right time for Victual to stick to her sleep schedule. Or it’s simply not unbearable sleep for her to rest and to grow.

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There’s a Reason Your Victual Wakes Up Too Soon

I’m sure this goes without saying, but the easiest way to solve a problem is to know why it’s happening. Until you get to the cadre of why your victual will only sleep for short periods, no traditional sleep translating will help.

In past generations, translating such as “let him cry it out” or “get him really tired older by playing with him” were used by families virtually the world no matter what was causing Baby’s sleeplessness.

But what I’ve found working with my own daughter as a baby, and with thousands of families, is that once you know what’s going on, you’ll have a largest handle on what to do.

Here are a the main reasons your infant may only be sleeping 30, 45 or 60 minutes at a time:

Reason #1: Your Victual Isn’t Infant Sleep Trained

Sleep training is an wool must for infants that just can’t seem to settle down. And most importantly, you need the right sleep training for your baby.

baby only sleeps 30 minutes

I’m sure you knew I was going to bring up sleep training. Without all, it’s my specialty.

But there’s increasingly to it than that. No matter what you do in order to rearrange your child’s sleep schedule, you’re using sleep training, whether you know it or not. The problem is when parents use the wrong methods.

I’ll discuss a few of the very weightier ways to help your victual soothe herself to sleep and stay that way for increasingly than 30 or 45 minutes in “How to Lengthen Your Infant’s Sleep Times” below.

Reason #2: She is Sick

If your victual has colic or is coming lanugo with the sniffles, she may not be worldly-wise to stay asleep. I’m sure you’ve had the wits of stuff stuffed up or uncomfortable and waking up at night. It’s the same for your little one.

If your baby’s sleep times were longer than 30 to 60 minutes in the past (and she’s older than 4 weeks), make sure to rule out a physical issue.

Reason #3: Your Victual is Lonely

Babies can get lonely too. If you’ve had an unusual day when you haven’t paid as much sustentation to your little guy or girl as much as usual, she may simply want increasingly of your time.

I never recommend going off an established sleep schedule. Instead, tack on an uneaten 10 minutes or so at most, or start earlier, with her bedtime routine. Or if you realize you’ve been distracted all day, find an uneaten half hour to play with or read to your baby.

Reason #4: You’re on Vacation (or Have Just Moved)

A new location can be disorienting to a baby. Remember the last time you moved, and you stayed awake staring at the ceiling at bedtime, listening to every little creak in the new house? Your victual does, too.

Although a fresh start may have you thinking well-nigh a whole new nursery theme for your little one, it may be in your weightier interest and hers to alimony things as much as possible the way they were in your old home. Set up the nursery the way it was previously, at least for now. You can make big changes later, when the house is familiar to her.

I’m Violet. And I’ve been there.

Let me help you both get a good night’s sleep.

Here’s how to get started.

How to Lengthen Your Baby’s Sleep Times

If your victual is only sleeping an hour at a time, or plane worse, 30 minutes, they’re not just tiring you out. They’re depriving themselves of very important sleep time in order to grow and develop new skills.

In order to lengthen your baby’s sleep time, identify what the problem is, using my suggestions above. It will make it easier for you to pinpoint the Dos and Don’ts unelevated to try:


  • Lay Victual lanugo at specific times during the day for her naps.
  • Lay Victual lanugo at a specific time for bedtime.
  • Darken your child’s room for sleep times by pulling the shades or latter the curtains.
  • If possible, darken any other areas of the house hour victual is in well-nigh half an hour surpassing sleep times. (Close the taps in the living room and put on a low-watt light, for example.)
  • Put Victual lanugo surpassing she is fully asleep. This is important. The goal is for her to learn to self-soothe.
  • Use white noise. Make sure you segregate a white noise machine that’s tried by experts in order to protect Baby’s sensitive hearing.


  • Put Victual lanugo for naps and bedtime once she’s fully asleep. She will fall unconsciousness cuddling and wake up somewhere else, which can be startling.
  • Repeatedly undeniability out “Don’t worry, Mommy/Daddy/Grandpa is right here” repeatedly to a crying victual without picking her up. This will only misplace her and alimony her stimulated.
  • Let her “cry it out.” (I explain why here.)
  • Let her cry when she’s sick or may be in pain.
  • Get wrestling and shout. I know how easy it is to finger overtired and frustrated. There were many times I had to take deep breaths when my victual was little, and I had not yet discovered my infant sleep method (that reverted everything). But if possible, never, never raise your voice to your victual considering she won’t sleep. It could midpoint rebuilding trust and starting all over again, and it could forfeiture both of you. If you’re feeling uneaten frustrated, put Victual in a unscratched place and leave the room for a minute or two.

Have Questions?

I know how frustrating it can be if your victual only sleeps 30, 45 or 60 minutes (or just a few short minutes). And I know that plane when you follow all the “rules” of infant sleep training, you can sometimes get stuck.

If your baby only sleeps 30 minutes or wakes frequently, let’s chat. I’d love to help!

baby only sleeps 30 minutes

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