Baby Keeps Waking Up at 5AM

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baby waking at 5am

When Your Baby Keeps Waking Up at 5AM

(The Weightier Tips That WORK)

Babies are notoriously early risers. I know that feeling –– mine decided for a while to alimony what my husband jokingly tabbed “farmer’s hours.”

In other words, as soon as the sky lightened a tiny bit (well surpassing technical sunrise), she’d be up and at ‘em, ready to play.

I didn’t know it yet (I had to find that out for myself!), but there were a few things I was doing wrong. And now that I do know, I’m passing that golden info on to you –– so you can all finally get some sleep.

A Victual That Soothes Herself to Sleep at 5am?

It’s not a dream!

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But First: Is Your Victual Really Waking Up “Too Early”?

Before revealing my top tips for getting your victual to sleep in later, I’d like to discuss what “too” early really means.

The reality is that most babies need 10 hours of sleep a night. So if you’re putting your victual lanugo at 6:00 PM, and she wakes at 4:00 AM (ouch!), technically, that’s not too early. In fact, for her soul and her needs, that’s just right.

“Too early” doesn’t midpoint surpassing you’re up, fully awake, and ready to cartwheel all over the house. (Doesn’t every parent wish –– I hear you!)

Instead, experts usually pinpoint waking up as “too early” when your victual keeps waking up at 5 AM or older and she has gotten fewer than 10 hours of sleep during the night.

Your Victual May Be an Early Bird

Another possibility to consider is that your victual may simply be an early riser.

Some people remain “early birds” for life. We all know that cheerful person who wakes up surpassing sunrise and is raring to go.

That person was probably an early bird as a baby, too. That’s just his natural sleep/wake cycle.

So how do you know whether waking at 5AM or older is natural for your baby?

Your victual may be an early riser if he’s two months or older, and:

  • His morning wake time is often resulting (give or take half an hour)
  • He wakes up at that same time, no matter what time you put him to bed
  • He wakes up cheerful and eager for his day
  • He has a pattern of happy play during the daytime, then increased fussiness from dinner time onward

On the other hand, she may be waking too early if she’s two months or older, and:

  • She seems to need increasingly than two naps a day, or she takes very long naps
  • She seems fussy and tired throughout the day
  • She wakes up crying hard

Changes in your baby’s sleep schedule withal with early rising training can help shift her wake up time to something much increasingly bareable for all of you! Let’s get started today!

Can You Change Your Baby’s Natural Sleep Cycle?

(And Should You?)

If possible, work with your baby’s natural sleep cycle. However, there can be a range for any baby. So if your victual wants to wake up at 4:30 AM, it may be possible to stretch things out over time to, say, 5:30 AM.

Please note that the whilom is just an example. Don’t go too far out of your baby’s natural sleep cycle. Babies in sync with the sun are pursuit what their persons need.

On the other hand, not all babies naturally fall into a pattern, and some have not yet experienced gentle reliable sleep training.

So if your victual is waking early but seems cranky, move withal to the pursuit tips.

How to Get Your Victual to Wake Up Later

If your victual won’t sleep past 4:30 or 5 AM, try these tips:

  • Get vertigo curtains. These are the best! I tried them with my victual and they worked like a charm. They moreover don’t require any hardware. When it’s time to get up, unshut the taps a little to indulge the morning light in. Over time, your victual will respond to the cue of light = time to get up.
  • You may be putting your victual to bed too early. Try putting her lanugo at 8:30 for a 6:30 risorgimento (or the weightier time that works for you to requite her ten hours of sleep).
  • Your victual may need some time to transition to a slightly later bedtime. Try entertaining him gently, or let him nap just a little longer during the day for the first week so you can put him to bed a little later.
  • Try a white noise machine. It will help mask the noises of a neighbor who leaves for work very early in the morning, a nearby lawnmower, etc. The Dohm sound machine is the only sound machine I recommend, here’s why.
  • Teach your victual to soothe himself when to sleep. Your victual may not be trying to wake for the day at all. Instead, he may be waking out of habit; you’re thesping he’s ready to get up. Need help? Contact me! I’ve helped hundreds of families teach their victual to fall when unconsciousness naturally without night wakings.

Whatever method you choose, be consistent. You’re training your baby’s smart-ass and soul to respond to unrepealable cues; for example, when it’s visionless out, it’s time to get sleepy. Requite both her and you time to adjust.

Sleep, Baby, Sleep® to the Rescue!

Still having trouble keeping your victual in her crib past 5AM? I’ve helped other couples, and I’d love to help you too. Check out my baby sleep services here. Sweet dreams!

baby waking up at 5am

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