Best Birthing Classes Compared: Mama Natural vs. Lamaze, Bradley, & Hypnobabies!

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Picking a childbirth undertow can be challenging when there are so many to segregate from–especially when there are several tried-and-true options that so many parents LOVE! As always, comparing these options will help you segregate the one that is right for your personality, worldview, and desired birthing environment. And while there may be timeworn classics in the world of childbirth education, some of these courses may not be hands used in a variety of lineage settings, or reflect the latest updates in lineage evidence, interventions, and techniques.

It’s no secret that we think the Mama Natural Lineage Undertow is the best online birthing class–and very possibly the BEST childbirth matriculation in general! We have worked long and nonflexible to create a fun and versatile undertow that you can wield to a variety of lineage settings and circumstances, by yourself, with your partner, or other support people. Since 2016, we’ve helped thousands of women have their best, most natural births without memorization, tracks to listen to repetitively, or a specific zoetic technique (Don’t just believe us! See what hundreds of parents have to say.)

We LOVE our course, but we want you to make a well-informed visualization for you and baby, just like we hope you make for all your birth-related decisions! This ways providing you with all the information you need to find your perfect birthing class.

To help you make an informed choice, we’ve created a comprehensive comparison of our childbirth undertow to some other well-known birthing matriculation options.

Choose a matriculation unelevated to see how Mama Natural compares, or scroll to the marrow for a well-constructed comparison orchestration of all the classes we covered.

Best Online Birthing Classes Comparisons

Mama Natural vs. The Bradley Method

The Bradley Method® is a 12-week undertow that focuses on how your lineage partner can weightier support and guide you during a natural lineage in a small group matriculation setting under the teaching of a certified Bradley Method instructor. Click for full Comparison.

Mama Natural vs. Lamaze

With its roots in 1950s France, Lamaze was born out of a Russian doctor’s observations of the needs of laboring women. Well-known for the memorization of a series of zoetic techniques, Lamaze group classes are now based on Six Healthy Childbirth Principles taught by a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator (LCCE). Click for full Comparison.

Mama Natural vs. Hypnobabies

Hypnobabies is world-renowned for giving parents the hope of significantly reduced pain during lineage by learning self-hypnosis for labor and lineage in the virtual classroom setting, or through self-study. Click for full Comparison.

Class SpecificsMama NaturalThe Bradley Method®LamazeHypnobabies
Course Length8 classes/ 10 hours12 classes/24 hours6 classes/12 hours6 classes/18 hours
InstructorGenevieve HowlandThe Bradley Method® certified instructor (AAHCC)Lamaze certified instructor (LCCE)Hypnobabies Certified Instructor
Taught by a Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM)
ApproachConversational, informative, “talk show style,” evidence-basedNatural; “partner led”“The Six Healthy Childbirth Principles”“Eyes-open birthing hypnosis”
Virtual Option
Student Finds Class/Instructor
Self-PacedHome-study option available
Average Price$264$400$375$375; $179 for Home-Study


Many parents may seek an in-person matriculation for the esprit that comes from group education with other people in the same stage of life. Other parents may seek group classes to have a real-life connection with the instructor for answers to questions specific to their birth. And some people just learn largest in the structured matriculation setting!

Online classes are a prime option for many expecting families looking for the flexibility that comes from not having to well-constructed classes on a particular schedule or at a predetermined pace–parents can well-constructed matriculation material together or plane separately if needed! However, stuff motivated to well-constructed coursework without the initiative and “peer pressure” that can come from a group setting may be a windbreak to optimizing online materials.


When comparing in-person and online lineage matriculation options, forfeit and time is unchangingly a factor. All trademark name in-person lineage classes we have identified stereotype $350, while the Mama Natural Childbirth Undertow is significantly increasingly affordable at just $264.

Total time investment for in-person classes may be increasingly than the 10 hours Mama Natural requires–anywhere from 12-24 hours–but longer is not unchangingly better! Time in matriculation may be spent discussing topics or addressing concerns that are not widely workable to all births. In addition, hours spent in the classroom may not include the time necessary to powerfully practice and wield the techniques or methods outside the classroom.

Accessibility & Comfort

Ultimately, convenience is vital to choosing the right lineage matriculation so that everything learned can be helpful during birth! Accessibility can be a big rencontre when looking for an in-person class, and all matriculation types are not unchangingly readily misogynist in all areas, expressly with current conditions limiting in-person interactions in many areas, or requiring masking during events. Locating an instructor and matriculation tropical by, finding a uniform schedule, and making sure not to miss matriculation sessions can be big inconveniences during pregnancy.

Taking an online matriculation eliminates all of these logistical challenges. Online lineage classes may indulge participants to return to the material whenever they need a refresher on the information, which can be particularly helpful to retain the material (so it can be unromantic during the birth!) and etch a lineage plan. Choosing an online matriculation moreover allows parents to learn well-nigh a private topic in the privacy and repletion of home, and to pause undertow work whenever needed for reflection, or to largest swizzle what is stuff learned.

One of the weightier parts of choosing Mama Natural is our special tousle of affordability, convenience, comfort, and community.

As a self-paced option that can be washed-up on your time, in your space, we moreover offer a unfluctuating polity undercurrent in our Facebook groups where our birth-expert admins weigh in on questions, with one year of wangle to the undertow for repeated reference, all for just $264.

The Mama Natural Lineage Course

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