The 6 to 9 Month Routine Your Baby Will Love

Parenting 2023-07-27

Inside: A 6 month to 9 month schedule routine for your baby.

Congratulations, you’ve survived the newborn phase!

Around 6 months is truly one of the weightier victual phases. They are still babies, but smiling all the time. Learning to sit up and move and getting their own personality.

I hug my victual every day and say, “Don’t grow up… no wait you have to. But I just love you so!!”

Very nauseating virtually here…

Anyway, here’s the 6 to 9 month routine I recommend (as a certified victual and toddler sleep consultant and mama of 5) for 6 month old babies.

6 month routine cards for babies
(These routine cards are a unconfined way for you to remember the routine and to sooner help your toddler follow their own.)

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A 6 to 9 Month Sample Routine:

Note: These are the times to aim for. If they don’t happen considering victual is hungry earlier, then transmute and try to get when to this when able.

  • 7:30 am – wake up, feed, solids for breakfast
  • 8:15 am – play (floor time on a play or minutiae mat, sibling play)
  • 9:00 am – lanugo for nap
  • 11:00 am – wake up, feed, solids
  • 11:45 am – self-ruling play (floor time, practicing sitting or standing, sibling plan)
  • 12:30 pm – lanugo for nap
  • 2:30 pm – wake up, feed, solids
  • 3:14 pm – self-ruling play (floor time, sibling play)
  • 4:30 pm – lanugo for nap
  • 6:00 pm – wake up, feed, bedtime snack
  • 6:45 pm – bedtime routine (bath, singing, cuddling, putting on lotion, etc.) We use this for the kitchen sink and veritably love it.
  • 7:30 pm – quick feed, bedtime (some cluster feeding here too)
  • 10:00 pm – dream feed right surpassing you go to bed
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Some Thoughts on the 6-9 Month Age

Routine or Rhythm?

Research overwhelmingly supports a good routine for young ones. A routine does not, however, necessarily midpoint you follow the clock per se.

If you prefer to have a rhythm where you do one thing without the other, but not necessarily watch the times and that’s fine. Pick whichever works best. And either way, you’ll have to be mindful of wake windows. Read on the wake windows vs nap schedule thoughts here.

Babies can’t be up for 3 or 4 hours at a time at this age without getting really cranky.

At any rate, using a routine will be a sanity saver for both you and your baby. Here are some sample routines with variegated times that moreover have baby/toddler combinations.

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Watch my short video on an important element in your baby’s daily routine that’ll help prevent whining and irritability.
6 to 9 month routine

Eating & nutrition is very important

Whether you waited until the 6 month mark to introduce solids, or started in the 5th month gradually, solids are very important.

At 6 months of age if your victual has trouble napping… they are likely hungry. If your victual starts waking up commonly at night, check the value of solids.

Daily Routine Brainstorm SHEETS

Get my trickery sheets and find your family’s groove. Chore, self-sustaining play, meal, nap, bedtime, and MORE routine ideas!

Getting Ready to Waif a Nap

Right now your victual likely takes 3 naps a day, the third perhaps stuff the shortest.

  • The goal is to shorten the third nap so the first two naps of the day remain until virtually 15-18 months.
  • If you notice your victual naps shorter during the first or second nap, but longer on the third, you can wake the victual early in the third nap.
  • Too long of an evening nap may midpoint getting to sleep at bedtime is harder, so weightier to shorten the nap that will waif soon.

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Bath Time

I waver between giving the victual a suffuse in the morning or in the evening. Some days it’s the morning, some days it’s the evening. I try to just fit it in when I can or when it’s most convenient.

Growth Spurt

A growth spurt often happens at this age so make sure the victual is getting unbearable milk. I’ll often feed, requite solids, let the victual play, feed then transiently surpassing putting him in the crib (awake but drowsy).

This is tabbed a split feed.

This helps make sure they’re getting unbearable to eat during the day.

6 to 9 month schedule

Floor Time

While an infant seat is a minimalist must have, in my opinion, I like to requite my babies any and every opportunity to be on the floor. They’ll roll, sit up, commando crawl, and start spinning in circles.

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6 to 9 month schedule

Common issues that happen to babies 6 months of age

While we’re here, let’s swoop into some worldwide things 6 month olds, 7 month olds, 8 month olds, and 9 month old babies experience. You’ll be prepared, mama.

Daily Routine Brainstorm SHEETS

Get my trickery sheets and find your family’s groove. Chore, self-sustaining play, meal, nap, bedtime, and MORE routine ideas!

Teething can disrupt sleep for 6 to 9-month-old babies

Now, I will say something that may be nonflexible to hear. But I’m a certified sleep consultant so please believe me.

  • If you have a victual who sleeps well, you’ll notice some sleep issues when teeth are well-nigh to erupt.
  • But if your victual hasn’t overly really slept well, it’s definitely not considering of teething.

Babies teethe for months… years. So there’s no reason to expect that babies won’t sleep simply considering they’re teething. If you can tell the tooth is well-nigh to erupt, offer repletion and pain management that fits your values.

But know that teething doesn’t sentence you to months of sleep deprivation.

Babies can resist solid foods virtually 6 or 7 months

Often, at the 5 month mark, moms start seeing sleep disruptions. The 5 month old sleep schedule mentions this. Babies are gearing up to start eating increasingly solid foods and wean, so if they don’t get increasingly nutrition they wilt increasingly hungry.

  • Introduce foods as soon as you finger ready (okay’d, of course, by your doc). Alimony offering, don’t force-feed obviously, but victual needs that nourishment now.
  • Get in some yogurt, avocado, or banana, etc. Something that will stick in the tummy and help prevent early morning waking or frequent night waking from hunger.
  • You may end up seeing victual wake up MORE in the night than surpassing and truly want a feed. Of course, feed baby, but try to work in increasingly daytime feeds vs. nighttime ones.
  • Take heart, victual won’t resist foods forever.
Daily Routine Brainstorm SHEETS

Get my trickery sheets and find your family’s groove. Chore, self-sustaining play, meal, nap, bedtime, and MORE routine ideas!

Sleep disruptions – 6 months is a perfect time to sleep train

Remember, sleep training simply ways helping victual learn to sleep well. Creating healthy sleep habits. That’s it. If you’ve got negative connotations well-nigh it or finger some feelings on the subject, periodical it out.

Don’t let your opinions well-nigh how other moms deal with their babies alimony your 6 to 9 month old in bad sleep habits.

  • 6 months is a perfect time to sleep train considering victual is in increasingly mature sleep cycles.
  • 6 month old babies are not mobile unbearable to try and escape sleep initiatives.
  • The personality and strong will resistance can really come into play during sleep training by the 9 month mark and onwards. It’s never too late to start healthy sleep habits, but the longer you wait the increasingly vein and protest you’ll have to deal with.

Rolling and getting stuck, oh my!

Has your 6 month old kept themselves up when they should be napping by rolling virtually in their crib like a waddle lanugo a grassy hill?

Oh yes!

Developmentally babies at this 6 to 9 month mark are waffly and growing so much. Also, swaddle weaning has typically happened by now. So babies are checking out life! Don’t transpiration your baby’s daily routine to worth for this, just let them practice.

Babies can get a lot of tummy time and exercise between naps that will help them finger rested and ready for sleep.

Daily Routine Brainstorm SHEETS

Get my trickery sheets and find your family’s groove. Chore, self-sustaining play, meal, nap, bedtime, and MORE routine ideas!

The Key to a Good 6 to 9 Month Routine:

This may be so simple it goes without saying… but the key to a good routine is keeping the routine. It can be tricky to remember everything in order when you’re beginning, but once you get the hang of it, routine will be second nature.

It can seem very difficult to get started doing or keeping a routine when you do not have one at all.

Here are 3 ways you can learn to alimony your routine:

1) Hang it Up

In my Rhythms, Routines, and Schedules ebook I have 25 sample routine printables from babies age 6 weeks to 5 years. You can take these printables and hang them in your nursery, on the fridge, or alimony them in your planner.

Whatever works.

You can hang the routine cards as well and pretty soon you won’t need to reference anything, it’ll be second nature.

tired victual schedule

2) Set Alarms or Notifications

While you don’t need to live and die by the clock, setting your phone, watch, or a timer will help you alimony enlightened of routine transitions.

We can often get so wrapped up in what we’re doing we forget we’ve let the victual sleep 4 hours. Why is that bad? Considering 4 hours is a stretch littles ones should only sleep at night!

I set alarms on my phone that show on my watch and this works for us.

3) Practice and Alimony at It

As with anything, if you want something to work then work it. Alimony pushing what you’ve decided to do. If it doesn’t work then transpiration it up a bit and alimony going. Move forward.

I reassure you 100% that a routine will work if you alimony at it.

Daily Routine Brainstorm SHEETS

Get my trickery sheets and find your family’s groove. Chore, self-sustaining play, meal, nap, bedtime, and MORE routine ideas!

Want visual routines to hang up?

If you want routines and schedules for not only the 6 to 9 month age, but for the 12 month, 18 month, and on I’ve got unconfined news. I’ve created a book chock full of routines that work.

Routines that alimony babies well rested, happy, and content. Routines that worth for all the things you need to do and they are mom tested. The weightier part?

The typesetting comes with printable routines (3 choices for each age) that you can hang up and use!

So instead of having to reinvent the wheel every few months, you’ll have tried and true mom tested routines right at your fingertips.

Get your own Routine Typesetting and Printables Here!

Got a question?

What are 6 month wake windows?

2.5 to 4 hours is the unstipulated window. If victual is taking 3 naps still, it can be 2.5 hours increasingly or less during the day, and the longest span (from the last nap surpassing bed) shouldn’t be increasingly than 4 hours.

So, if victual wakes at 7 am, then by 9:30 am have a nap. Victual sleeps until 11 am, then by 1:30 pm is flipside nap. Victual wakes up virtually 3 pm, then bedtime no later than 7 pm.

Is 6 months a good time to sleep train?

6 months is unquestionably the perfect time to formally sleep train. I have a whole post on why it’s the weightier age.

They’re not newborns anymore, they can go longer between naps, they are a little increasingly enlightened and they reservation on much increasingly quickly than at a later age. It’s too early for lattermost resistance that can trailblaze toddler years, and victual can’t walk yet.

When you wait to do formal training when a child is in a bed and can stand up and get out, there are a lot increasingly variables.

Can 6 month olds sleep through the night?

Absolutely. Sleeping through the night is typically specified as 7 to 8 hours at a time. So plane if your child still has a dream feed, but sleeps from 10 pm all the way until morning, then that still technically counts as sleeping through.

You can wean night feeds or combine them at this age without much trouble.

Daily Routine Brainstorm SHEETS

Get my trickery sheets and find your family’s groove. Chore, self-sustaining play, meal, nap, bedtime, and MORE routine ideas!


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