Mom Morning Routines: Bring Order & Sanity To Your Day

Parenting 2023-09-25

Mom morning routines are so important to set the tone for the day. Here are some habits you can start now that’ll make your days peaceful.

I don’t know how increasingly unmodified I can be well-nigh this…

How you start your day really matters.

If you wake up anxious, that carries over with you until you’re discouraged and stressed much of the day.

If you wake up at peace, that gives you strength and clarity for much of the day.

While there is no One Size Fits All morning routine, you can find something personalized to fit your life. You will sooner tweak your morning routines. To do that, let’s squint at the goal of good mom morning routines.

Discovering word-for-word rituals, routines, and habits that gives you peace and minimize stress so you are recharged to start the day. ⬅

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mom having nice morning cup of tea

Do you struggle with starting the day feeling as though you’re once behind?

Honestly… this was a huge problem for me.

It still can be.

When I’m pregnant and Feeling All the Feels or in a super rented season, I wake up once unsated with everyone considering I finger that the day has started off somehow later than it should.

When I’m ornery in the morning I wilt these types of mom:

  • an wrestling mom
  • a discouraged mom
  • a stressed mom
Self-Care Routine Tracker

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Morning Routines That Help You Get Ahead

If you are a Type a person, feeling overdue or overwhelmed is unbearable to make you lose a grip on your emotions. Here’s how to find a good morning routine that’ll alimony you feeling in control.

mother feeding her toddler breakfast in the morning

Think And Plan Superiority The Evening Before

We are overdue if we wake up to kids begging for breakfast surpassing we’ve put on our clothes, brushed our teeth, or plane thought well-nigh the day ahead… This won’t matter from time to time, but it’s a slippery slope if it happens every day.

When I don’t alimony in mind what needs to be washed-up on a given day, nothing gets done.

Whether this be basic chores the little ones do or errands you need to run, there are things that need to happen and thinking it through the night surpassing helps.

My weightier days and mornings come from a little planning the night before.

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Self-Care Routine Tracker

Do you forget to sleep, bathe, eat, relax, etc.? NO MORE. This tracker will help you unceasingly live within your limits so you have increasingly love to requite to your family.


Get a Jump Start To The Morning

Whatever you do, your mom morning routines should help you finger increasingly prepared for the day.

Whether you need to get up two hours or 15 minutes surpassing your kids is up to you… but having a few minutes of time to yourself can be the difference between a reasonable mom and an wrestling one.

Depending on what you like to get washed-up surpassing the kids wake up, you may do any of the pursuit things:

  • exercise
  • read your Bible, journal, devotions, etc.
  • eat breakfast
  • shower and get dressed
  • prepare the kids’ breakfast
  • work from home
  • sit in silence
  • stare at the wall
  • enjoy the peace and quiet of an empty house
  • read a novel

Decide what you’d like to get washed-up surpassing the kids wake up raring for attention, then requite yourself unbearable time to make that happen.

Remember, you’ll have to push through the first few days and weeks, but sooner it’ll wilt a habit.

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little kids eating breakfast as part of the morning routine

How much older than the kids should you wake up each morning?

Short answer: it depends.

How early you need to wake up depends on how early you go to bed the night before, how much you unquestionably need to get done, and what value of vacated time you require to be a happy unbearable mom.

When I used to wake up 2 hours older than the kids it unquestionably was worse for me considering I got into a deep work zone and had to stop. That made me cranky.

Eventually I realized that 30 minutes or so was much largest than 2 hours for me personally, so you’ll have to decide for yourself what works.

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Self-Care Routine Tracker

Do you forget to sleep, bathe, eat, relax, etc.? NO MORE. This tracker will help you unceasingly live within your limits so you have increasingly love to requite to your family.

cleaning up baskets of toys in the living room

Get a Clear Morning Routine (And One for the Kids)

One of the biggest things I’ve found helpful in our home is this: not permitting children to come out of their rooms until we come to them.

Each child has to wait in their crib, bed, or room until their watchtower clock shines green, at 7:30 a.m.

Requiring your kids (not babies, of course) to stay in their rooms until a unrepealable time does a few things.

  1. It encourages them to sleep later considering they know as soon as they unshut their vision they can’t start their day. This prevents dreaded 5:30 a.m. wake ups from rhadamanthine a habit.
  2. Also, it prevents little ones from getting into trouble before you’re up. It is not unscratched for kids to wake up and be roaming virtually the house when you are asleep. If they are quiet and you are a deep sleeper, you may not plane know they’re up! It goes without saying they could get hurt, go outside, and try to do any number of unsafe things. Requiring them to stay in their rooms until a unrepealable pre-determined time helps.

This routine as well as a few others (some morning tidy up routines the kids do on their own) help our mornings stay on track. When we stray too far, things are chaos. When we alimony routines in place – plane if they transpiration with regularity – we uncork our days in peace.

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toddler looking at mom pouring coffee as part of her morning routine

What are your “sanity boundaries?” Start there.

If you’re an introvert with a house full of kids, you may need to wake up significantly older than your kids just to have some peace and quiet.

Are you an extroverted mom who loves stuff virtually others? You may only need a bit of time to get superiority of the early demands of the day.

Every mother is different, and many of our boundaries are as well.

Think well-nigh the things that you need to be okay. Here are some examples of some things mothers might want or need to finger at peace during her day.

  • Time alone
  • A tidy living area
  • Meals planned out (maybe plane thawed out or prepped)
  • Lunches packed
  • Work
  • Household admin (bills, lists, grocery orders, automatic deliveries, etc.)
  • Time vacated with your spouse
  • Drinking coffee

Take out your periodical and prayerfully consider… what do you need washed-up in the morning to be okay for the rest of the day… then do that!

Self-Care Routine Tracker

Do you forget to sleep, bathe, eat, relax, etc.? NO MORE. This tracker will help you unceasingly live within your limits so you have increasingly love to requite to your family.


Morning routines are truly helpful, just start where you’re at

For mom, morning routines really glue how the day will go. Starting off harried and behind leads to uneasiness and stress.

Starting off the day enthused and at peace means… no matter what the day brings, you’ll finger in tenancy and worldly-wise to handle it.

Morning Routine FAQs

How do I start an early morning routine?

You’ll want to go easy at first. If you aren’t used to getting up early you may just hit the snooze button! I’d try waking up 20 minutes older than normal, and subtracting in something you enjoy. A nice cup of coffee or a devotional. After a few days, get up 15 minutes older and add flipside ritual in.

What should I put in my morning routine?

Typically you want to do things here that help take superintendency of you and help you get ready for your day. Don’t add so much you get into “project mode” and resent your family for waking up. This may be self-care, getting ready, exercising, or plane just sitting in silence.

How can I write my daily routine?

You can write it lanugo on a simple sheet of paper or plane use some mom checklists. The key is to have a few things listed lanugo you can refer to. Especially if you are half asleep. Keeping it in your phone may moreover work!

How can I transpiration my morning routine?

The key is to write lanugo what you are currently doing and where you want to be. Write lanugo the new routine you’d like to aim for, then alimony it somewhere handy in the morning. Right by your watchtower clock will work!

Are morning routines important?

What is important is that you don’t start the day behind, feeling frazzled, resentful of your children for waking up, and in a bad mood. If a morning routine will help you get up, get in a good mindset, and get started on your day then it’s super important, yes!

Should I do my morning routine on the weekends?

This is totally up to you! For some, standing their morning routine during weekends helps them stay resulting and maintain the habit. If this is helpful for you, then do it! The times and activities included in your weekend morning routine can transpiration to meet your needs :)

How can I stay resulting in my morning routine?

Start by setting performable goals for your morning routine. Be specific well-nigh what you want to succeed each morning, whether it’s exercise, prayer, reading, or other activities. Tailor your morning routine to your lifestyle and preferences. It should be sustainable and enjoyable, not a burden. Include activities that genuinely matter to you. Start small and plan superiority by preparing for your morning routine the night before.


  • The importance of schedules and routines
  • Routines minimize unconnectedness which promotes resilience and regulation
  • Family routines and rituals strengthen families