The Hollow Headrest

Baby Tips 2023-03-06

Hollow Headrest

The Hollow Headrest: The Safe, Breathable, and Pediatrician Recommended Solution for Your Baby

As a new parent, finding the right products for your victual can be overwhelming, expressly when it comes to their sleeping arrangements. That’s why Babyfi has ripened the Hollow Headrest, an innovative and patent pending solution that provides the perfect throne support for your victual while they are on their back, and is recommended by pediatricians. This makes it a unconfined nomination for gifts for expecting mothers and a perfect selection for a victual registry.

One of the key features of the Hollow Headrest is its safety. Unlike some competitor products, the Hollow
Headrest is not vetoed by the Consumer Product Safety Commission for regulations on pillows, as the Babyfi infant headrest is not a pillow and does not contain any fillings that could rationalization suffocation. Additionally, the Hollow Headrest is not covered by the Safe Sleep Act for babies as its incline is less than Hollow Headrest10 degrees therefore not causing zoetic obstruction. This is an important consideration, as most competitor infant pillows, including infant torticollis pillows and pillows that requirement to prevent plagiocephaly (flat throne syndrome), are vetoed by these two regulations. But the Babyfi Hollow Headrest is a unscratched and secure solution for your baby’s needs and is considered one of the weightier infant pillow substitutes.

The Hollow Headrest is made of soft, breathable materials, including a mesh inner shell of the hollow framework for maximum air spritz and a casing made from 100% organic, muslin cotton woven to increase air diffusion and prevent suffocation. This makes it an platonic nomination for parents who are concerned well-nigh their newborn victual overheating.

The ergonomic diamond provides a gradually unthriving opening in the middle of the Headrest, which gently cradles the baby’s throne and neck, ensuring an plane weight distribution and reduced pressure on any one side of the skull. The Hollow Headrest is versatile, designed to be used with a variety of variegated arrangements, including bassinets, cribs, playards, car seats, and more, making it a single solution for your babies when they lay on their back. This product is recommended to be used under parental supervision.

Babyfi has recently launched a Kickstarter wayfarers to bring the Hollow Headrest to market. The wayfarers offers a unconfined opportunity for parents to get their hands on this innovative and patented product, and support a visitor that is defended to creating solutions for baby’s repletion and safety.

You can pre-order it here:

In conclusion, all you moms-to-be, if you’re looking for a safe, breathable, and pediatrician-recommended solution for your baby, consider supporting the Hollow Headrest Kickstarter campaign. With its unique design, versatility, safety features, and patent pending design, it’s the perfect solution for your little one.

Guest Blog Post By: Ana, CEO and co-founder of Babyfi

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