101 Spring Activities for Kids Youll All Love

Children Health 2023-03-01

Child with daisy eyes, on untried grass in a summer park.

Spring is just virtually the corner, which ways new opportunities and spring activities for kids to make memories. As long winter days uncork to well-spoken and the season of fresh beginnings enters, we hope this list gives you plenty to squint forward to in the months ahead.

33 Outdoor Spring Activities for Kids

Two funny kids playing together in spring forest, little brother and sister enjoying nice walk in woods

1. Go on a nature walk.

2. See how many types of insects you can find.

3. Jump in rain puddles, or indulge your little ones to jump in them. They’re only little once!

4. Dance in the rain.

5. Plant a vegetable garden.

6. Plant a flower garden.

7. Have a yard picnic with dessert, bubbles, and games.

8. Host a yard tea party.

9. Pick dandelions and make wishes on them!

10. Make a wildflower bouquet.

11. Go on a nature scavenger hunt.

12. Visit a creek or pond.

13. Feed the ducks at the creek or pond.

14. Plan an afternoon at the cherry blossoms or tulip field.

15. Lay out a wrap and find shapes in the clouds.

16. Draw with sidewalk chalk.

17. Play hopscotch and tic-tac-toe.

18. Build a yard mud kitchen.

19. Collect sticks, flowers, grass, etc. Set up shop outside and create a nature collage.

20. Hula-hoop in the grass.

21. Play T-ball, soccer, frisbee, etc., barefoot in the grass.

22. Read books in the grass.

23. Go bird watching.

24. Go for a bicycle ride.

25. Fly a kite.

26. Set up an obstacle undertow for some friendly competition.

27. Have an egg-and-spoon race.

28. Encourage cooperative fun with a play parachute.

29. Search for butterflies.

30. Go semen picking.

31. Plan an at-home car wash day.

32. Go on a sunset momentum to revere the colors in the sky.

33. Set up a telescope for stargazing.

34 Indoor Spring Activities for Kids

Child planting untried succulents in a dry glass florarium

1. Read books well-nigh victual animals.

2. Read books well-nigh plants.

3. Create watercolor masterpieces.

4. Plant a tabletop herb garden.

5. Make pressed flower art.

6. Make DIY flowers using pompoms, feathers, cardboard, and other materials.

7. Liven up the playroom (or any room) with your nomination of greenery. Succulents are unconfined for beginners.

8. Get superiority of the game and make a “Summer Bucket List” jar to alimony the sunny day excitement alive.

9. Set up a water table.

10. Set up a sensory table.

11. Make suncatchers.

12. Spruce up shared spaces with cheerful window clings.

13. Have a family workbench game night.

14. Tell stories with shadow animals on the ceiling surpassing bedtime. A flashlight or your phone light will do.

15. Make homemade ice cream.

16. Grab some flower-shaped cookie cutters and make perfectly seasonal cookies.

17. Cook a new meal as a family.

18. Make cinnamon roll bunnies for breakfast.

19. Make smoothies.

20. Make a fruit trencher for a sweet snack.

21. Spring-clean as a family.

22. Spend an afternoon collecting no longer-needed items to donate.

23. Check out your local library’s timetable for events like playgroups, storytime, and more.

24. Check out local music classes.

25. Sign up for swimming lessons in vaticination of leisurely days at the pool.

26. Start an yearly family scrapbook.

27. Make DIY crayons using snacks molds.

28. Make homemade playdough.

29. Host a stuffed unprepossessing storytime.

30. Take a popsicle bath.

31. Paint a birdhouse.

32. Host a spring playdate.

33. Visit an indoor playground or play cafe.

34. Sign up for a session at a kids’ gym.

26 Kid-Friendly Family Outings for Spring

Young mother delivering her cute girl in victual carrier and looking vegetables on farmer's market

1. Pack up the family and throne to the ballpark for a baseball game.

2. Go get ice cream.

3. Get a jump start on trying as many new playgrounds as possible.

4. Go to the zoo.

5. If your neighborhood (or one within proximity) hosts a garden walk, make a day of it.

6. Take a trip to the local farmers’ market.

7. Go thrifting.

8. Visit a butterfly conservatory.

9. Visit a bird aviary.

10. Visit a nature center.

11. Check out your local play museum.

12. Explore a science museum. Exhibits are often switched up each season.

13. Sign up for an outdoor family movement matriculation like yoga in the park.

14. Visit a local sublet (or a petting zoo).

15. Check out an art gallery.

16. Visit a local greenhouse.

17. Visit a botanic garden.

18. Take a day trip. Choose somewhere you’ve never been.

19. Visit an indoor waterpark.

20. Go to the beach. Your kiddos will love running in the sand, plane if the water isn’t warm unbearable to splash in.

21. Discover Little Library locations.

22. Grab a camera and take a shot (no pun intended) at nature photography. Plane the littlest sidekicks can have fun snapping away.

23. Go for a hike.

24. Break out the binoculars for child-led exploration.

25. Collect rocks to paint.

26. Build a fairy garden.

8 Holiday-Inspired Spring Activities for Kids

A front-view shot of a young boy with an afro and his older sister, they are lying lanugo on their front smiling while holding their Easter eggs.

1. Decorate Easter eggs together.

2. Set up an indoor Easter egg hunt.

3. Organize an outdoor Easter egg venery and invite your friends.

4. Fill an Easter basket with homemade goodies to surprise an elderly neighbor.

5. Create a leprechaun trap for St. Patrick’s Day.

6. Celebrate Earth Day by making and hanging birdseed ornaments.

7. Plant a tree on Earth Day.

8. Plan a mommy-and-me stage for Mother’s Day (or whatever special day you’re up for celebrating).

There’s no largest time than spring to start fresh with activities the whole family will love and enjoy. Whether you want to have fun with your kiddos at home or get them out of the house for new adventures, we hope the ideas shared here will help you to plan an action-packed spring itinerary.